Bears, Burpees, Battle Star Galactica

The ISS posted at Gloom Mtn this morning. Cleared horizon to horizon in less than 4 minutes. That's 17,240 MPH, PAX....epic. Good reminder of how small we are on this grand stage. Warm ups: 25 x SSH 15 x Imperial Squat Walkers 30 x Merkins 25 x Big Boy Sit Ups YHC led 12 PAX, … Continue reading Bears, Burpees, Battle Star Galactica


FNG Day Invitation

Gentlemen, The New Year is upon us…just like those extra 10 lbs. from the holiday holdover! There is a solution to that problem. But it’s not a resolution, or a gym membership, or a costly personal trainer. No, you are receiving this because at one time you expressed interest (or maybe someone just believed you’d … Continue reading FNG Day Invitation