Feb. 27 The VULCAN AO Peaches Beat Down

34 PAX including 1 FNG (Welcome Hansen) Warm-up: Jump Rope x25 High Knees x25 Butt Kicks x25 Side-Strattle-Hops x25 Willie Mays x15 Merkins x25 Ray Lewis x25 ~0.75mi run to Evergreen Hill Set 1 Jumping Lunges x50 (x25 each leg) Hill Run to Very Top Merkins x50 Back Downhill to Plank until all PAX make … Continue reading Feb. 27 The VULCAN AO Peaches Beat Down


2018-01-30 Peaches Circuit @ Vulcan

35 PAX including 1 FNG (AWOL) Warm-up: Side Strattle Hop x25 Willie Mays x25 Frankensteins x25 Bum Kicks x25 Ray Lewis x25 Cross Toe Touch x25 LBCs x25 0.5 mile Circuit Station Tour 3 Groups start at 3 seperate stations approximately 0.25 miles apart from each other: Prisoner Squats x25 -> Alternating Lunges x25 each … Continue reading 2018-01-30 Peaches Circuit @ Vulcan