Feb. 27 The VULCAN AO Peaches Beat Down

34 PAX including 1 FNG (Welcome Hansen) Warm-up: Jump Rope x25 High Knees x25 Butt Kicks x25 Side-Strattle-Hops x25 Willie Mays x15 Merkins x25 Ray Lewis x25 ~0.75mi run to Evergreen Hill Set 1 Jumping Lunges x50 (x25 each leg) Hill Run to Very Top Merkins x50 Back Downhill to Plank until all PAX make … Continue reading Feb. 27 The VULCAN AO Peaches Beat Down


9.14.17 – Vulcan

31 PAX 1 FNG - Bluegrass PAX welcomed former F3 Tallahassee member, Cooter, via Tuscaloosa. WARM UP -  SSH x 30 Merkin x 20 Squats x 30 LBC's x 30 Imperial walker x 30 1 lap mosey 4 STATIONS - Divided PAX into 4 groups.  Each of the four cone stations required a different movement. … Continue reading 9.14.17 – Vulcan

July 6th Church Street Shakedown

28 PAX showed up in THE GLOOM at THE VULCAN (AO) for YHC's VQ, including five (5) FNGs.  Those answering the call included Turnbuckle, Shank, Scam, Choo-Choo, Cinco, DuBose, Schilling, Gomer, Rabbit, Romeo, Sparrow, Pickle, The Donald, Commy, Rebar, Wildfire, Gold Bond, Quickrete, Pew, Saluki, Tommy Lee, and Cocky.  FNGs (Doogie, Cowbell, Wilson, Wiregrass, & … Continue reading July 6th Church Street Shakedown