Spartan Waterfalls

Pushing yourself is always easier when you have other men alongside. The Spartan AO (19 PAX, including FNG's Budget and Pontoon) started with a few usual warm-ups and a merkin and burpee waterfall. Back-to-back waterfalls is a good way to start off pushing. We took an indian run to the Western Supermarket, taking a mid-run … Continue reading Spartan Waterfalls


The Spartan 3/21/18

18 PAX posted at the Spartan and did the hard thing for a hump day workout. Warmup: SSH x30 Willie Mays x20 Prisoner Squat x30 Burpie x10 Ray Lewis x20 LBC x40 Mosy to parking deck: 2 sets: Box Jumps x20 Dips x20 Decline Mercan x15 American Hammer x20 Mosy to Canterbury Park and Indian … Continue reading The Spartan 3/21/18

12/13/2017 The Spartan – Less Cold, More Bern

9 PAX posted on a cold Wednesday morning at The Spartan. Conditions were brisk with a temp of 27 degrees at start time. With clear skies, @f3birmingham PAX were treated to a couple of shooting stars during warmup flutter kicks and things got uglier from there. PAX: Nova, Breach, Dispatch, Slumlord, Wildfire, Elmer, Milkman, Rabbit, Skeletor … Continue reading 12/13/2017 The Spartan – Less Cold, More Bern