Tammy Wynette & The Tunnel of Love- 8/22/18

Question - Is it possible to do an F3 workout with SSH's and Merkins. Answer - When Tammy and the Tunnel of Love show up then yes. 13 PAX and two FNG's (Vince and VooDoo) were blessed to have perfect beat down weather.  As mentioned above, Tammy Wynette made another appearance while we got to … Continue reading Tammy Wynette & The Tunnel of Love- 8/22/18


Cover Your Six – Gloom Mountain – 7/23/2018

16 PAX posted for a cadence, count, and cover your six tutorial. Warm Up SSHx 30 in cadence Willie Mays x 15 in cadence Ray Lewis x 25 in cadence LBC’s x 50 The Six Mosey to Simmons and back to Gloom Mountain making sure to go back for the 6 Merkins x 25 Flutter … Continue reading Cover Your Six – Gloom Mountain – 7/23/2018

No Theme

Gloom Mountain, Hoover, Febuary 21 No Theme today; just work.  10 PAX gathered in humid 68 degree February air.  An anticipated FNG (that some of you met in the parking lot after the Braveheart Race) no-showed.  However, he actually did post today, at Gwin....at 5:30 p.m.  True story. WARM UP IC SSH IC Prisoner Squats … Continue reading No Theme