Abs of Steel

13 PAX including one FNG showed up to test their abs and core today in Helena.  Side straddle hops not included. Q Summary: Willie Mays, Calf stretch in mountain climber position, Quad stretch, Michael Phelps, followed by an Indian run This was followed by a validator run and core workout - PAX run one at a … Continue reading Abs of Steel


The Snake (and a word on 2nd F)

YHC enjoyed what I believe to have been only my second Q at The Forum.  Here is a quick Backblast to commemorate that workout. Conditions: 50 and warming, dry, full sun...as good as it gets. PAX: 16, including FNG "Roadrunner" WARM UP IC SSH IC Imperial Walker IC Arm Circles > Raise the Roofs SC … Continue reading The Snake (and a word on 2nd F)

The Gear

3/3/18.  The Vulcan. Gents, It was fun to bring the gear out again, and get our pump on.  The field was a bit squishy, but the sun was out, the air was crisp and the company was excellent.  With a big group (38 PAX) we did a short warm-up, took two laps, divided into four … Continue reading The Gear

Pre-dawn Police- escorted Ruck, Team Orienteering and Bag Pipe Closer

October 7, 2017 - The Vulcan Pre-workout RUCK A record 11 PAX +1 took the 50-minute R/T walk just past The Vulcan statue. The +1 was on-duty Officer Kitt, who pulled up on us in the parking lot, asked what we were up to, and after about 2 seconds of thought (really) announced to this … Continue reading Pre-dawn Police- escorted Ruck, Team Orienteering and Bag Pipe Closer