The Pack Getting Schooled

We have been working out at this site for over 7 months, but this is only our 2nd workout as official F3 AO.  The standard is to workout, then go over a short devotional and discuss.  In saying this, we did the standard, but I left off Name-o-Rama and didn't get a picture.  I knew this … Continue reading The Pack Getting Schooled


Cone Drills – February 3, 2018

36 PAX including one FNG came together on a beautiful Saturday morning to knock out cone drills and get better.  Remember, pain is just weakness leaving the body... Warm Up Burpees - 10 Mountain Climbers - 25 Side Straddle Hops - 25 Jack Webbs - 10 Freddy Mercury - 25 Mosey around Homewood Park track … Continue reading Cone Drills – February 3, 2018