The Forum – 6/7/2018 – Plank Walk

15 PAX took on some hills climbs and were introduced to the plank walk Warm Up SSH x 30 Willie Mays x 14 Merkins x 20 Squats x 40 Merkins x 20 1 Lap Indian Run (2 groups) 10 Burpees Quadraphilia x 4 on hill    Do 10 merkins after each Bear Crawl up hill … Continue reading The Forum – 6/7/2018 – Plank Walk


2 Miles of Pain – the Forum – 5/10/2018

18 PAX hit The Forum for 2 miles of pain with Ping. Warm Up SSX x 30 Merkins x 20 Willie Mays x 20 Burpees x 10 One Lap Indian Run PAX exercise at 5 points on track Pull Ups x 10 Burpees x 10 Merkins x 20 Squats x 30 LBC’s x 40 Repeat … Continue reading 2 Miles of Pain – the Forum – 5/10/2018

12/13/2017 The Spartan – Less Cold, More Bern

9 PAX posted on a cold Wednesday morning at The Spartan. Conditions were brisk with a temp of 27 degrees at start time. With clear skies, @f3birmingham PAX were treated to a couple of shooting stars during warmup flutter kicks and things got uglier from there. PAX: Nova, Breach, Dispatch, Slumlord, Wildfire, Elmer, Milkman, Rabbit, Skeletor … Continue reading 12/13/2017 The Spartan – Less Cold, More Bern

Backblast: Sparrow’s VQ

  Welcome FNG’s  Disclaimer: don’t hurt yourself.   Count loud during the workout, because if you don’t the workout won’t end. Welcome FNGs: Soccer Mom, Carpetbagger, Shunnarah Warmup 20 reps of each of these: The first exercise is:    Side Straddle Hop.  Starting Position. Move. In Cadence. The Next exercise is,   Ray Lewise Starting Position. Move. … Continue reading Backblast: Sparrow’s VQ