Quarter Pounder Challenge – May 16, 2018

17 PAX including two FNGs took the Quarter Pounder challenge.  Men got better and fun was had by all. Warm Up Side Straddle Hops – 25 Merkins - 25 Prisoner Squats - 25 Big Boy Sit Ups - 25 Mountain Climbers – 25 Mosey around MBE parking lot Quarter Pounder Set 1 Run 25 yards, … Continue reading Quarter Pounder Challenge – May 16, 2018


February 20 Workout

Perfect weather for a workout!  60 degrees with clear skies. Warmup:  SSH x 25, Crablegs Stretch x 15, Willie Mays x 15, LBAC x 20 count 6 Minutes of Mary: Flutterkicks, Windshield Wipers, BBSitups, American Hammer, The Hundred, LBCs, Flutterkicks, Mountain Climbers Moseyed to OLS Parking deck for Parking Space Tracers (20 merkins, Follow the … Continue reading February 20 Workout

31 Flavors

Saturday, November 4, 2017 The Vulcan Here is a recap of the crazy 31 Flavors workout at the Vulcan. Following a record turnout from the pre-workout ruck, several PAX helped YHC get this overly elaborate shenanigan setup. 31 cones were in place in 2 long parallel lines (designed to make conversation easier during this circuit … Continue reading 31 Flavors

Boot Camp in lieu of Braveheart Race

45 degrees and raining - fun stuff!  Welcome F3 New Orleans Tripleshift! Warmup: Mosey to Trinity parking lot Side Straddle Hops (x30) Imperial Walkers (x30) Mountain Climbers (x30) Mosey to Homewood Middle School football Field The Thang: Bear Crawl Dora - Partner up and one partner bear crawls 15 yards then turns around and bear crawls … Continue reading Boot Camp in lieu of Braveheart Race

Pre-dawn Police- escorted Ruck, Team Orienteering and Bag Pipe Closer

October 7, 2017 - The Vulcan Pre-workout RUCK A record 11 PAX +1 took the 50-minute R/T walk just past The Vulcan statue. The +1 was on-duty Officer Kitt, who pulled up on us in the parking lot, asked what we were up to, and after about 2 seconds of thought (really) announced to this … Continue reading Pre-dawn Police- escorted Ruck, Team Orienteering and Bag Pipe Closer

Backblast: Sparrow’s VQ

  Welcome FNG’s  Disclaimer: don’t hurt yourself.   Count loud during the workout, because if you don’t the workout won’t end. Welcome FNGs: Soccer Mom, Carpetbagger, Shunnarah Warmup 20 reps of each of these: The first exercise is:    Side Straddle Hop.  Starting Position. Move. In Cadence. The Next exercise is,   Ray Lewise Starting Position. Move. … Continue reading Backblast: Sparrow’s VQ