Gloom Mt. Casino II: Raw Deal

7/12/17 Eight men came out to get better this morning.  Welcome FNG Opus.  As YHC's knee is still a bit tender from Saturday's 10-mile Rabbit Ruck, the PAX did no more traveling this morning than a couple relocation shuffles.  But we made up for it stationary sweat. WARM-UP IC SSH, IC Shoulder Rotations each way, … Continue reading Gloom Mt. Casino II: Raw Deal


Mt. Gloom July 10th

It was a great morning at Mt. Gloom as 10 men answered the call. 9 veteran pax and 1 FNG (Welcome Rudder) showed up at 5:30 at Gwin to try and get a little better. Happy was the Q and we were all still feeling a little beat up from the Vulcan run from over … Continue reading Mt. Gloom July 10th