Gloom Mountain Is Your Friend – 4/25/2018

15 PAX posted at Gloom Mountain to find that next level of work they didn’t know was in them. Warm Up SSH x 30 Willie Mays x 20 Michael Phelps x 15 in cadence  Burpees x 20 Gloom Stuff 5 Lap Indian Run (1 mile) Mosey to Gloom Mountain PAX partner up. 1 PAX runs … Continue reading Gloom Mountain Is Your Friend – 4/25/2018


The Forum – 3/15/2018

12 PAX hit The Forum for an Agassi inspired workout. Mule, Nova, Amazon, Gaines, Grizzly, Whitesnake, Needle, Saluki, The Donald, Default, Commodore, Ping Warmup Willie Mays x 20 Burpees x 10 Bobby Hurley x 10 Ray Lewis x 20 in cadence Mosey lap to the tennis courts PAX line up across the courts. Exercise consists … Continue reading The Forum – 3/15/2018