10/26/17 Vulcan Vision Quest

22 PAX braved the Vulcan AO's first temps in the mid-40s and the predawn darkness to post in the gloom!  It is staying dark in the morning for one more week before the Daylight Savings Time transition next week.  YHC is thankful for the dedication of these men who motivate each other.  What a great … Continue reading 10/26/17 Vulcan Vision Quest


9.28.17 – 16th Place Massacre – Vulcan

Grundl on Q SCAM'S FOMO was a real.  I have a feeling we'll be doing this one again. 24 PAX - No FNG's and that might be a good thing. WARM UP -  SSSH x30 Crab legs stretch x20 Calf raises x20 Stretch hammy, legs spread - down to right x20, down to left x20 … Continue reading 9.28.17 – 16th Place Massacre – Vulcan

July 6th Church Street Shakedown

28 PAX showed up in THE GLOOM at THE VULCAN (AO) for YHC's VQ, including five (5) FNGs.  Those answering the call included Turnbuckle, Shank, Scam, Choo-Choo, Cinco, DuBose, Schilling, Gomer, Rabbit, Romeo, Sparrow, Pickle, The Donald, Commy, Rebar, Wildfire, Gold Bond, Quickrete, Pew, Saluki, Tommy Lee, and Cocky.  FNGs (Doogie, Cowbell, Wilson, Wiregrass, & … Continue reading July 6th Church Street Shakedown