Cone Drills – February 3, 2018

36 PAX including one FNG came together on a beautiful Saturday morning to knock out cone drills and get better.  Remember, pain is just weakness leaving the body... Warm Up Burpees - 10 Mountain Climbers - 25 Side Straddle Hops - 25 Jack Webbs - 10 Freddy Mercury - 25 Mosey around Homewood Park track … Continue reading Cone Drills – February 3, 2018


2018-01-30 Peaches Circuit @ Vulcan

35 PAX including 1 FNG (AWOL) Warm-up: Side Strattle Hop x25 Willie Mays x25 Frankensteins x25 Bum Kicks x25 Ray Lewis x25 Cross Toe Touch x25 LBCs x25 0.5 mile Circuit Station Tour 3 Groups start at 3 seperate stations approximately 0.25 miles apart from each other: Prisoner Squats x25 -> Alternating Lunges x25 each … Continue reading 2018-01-30 Peaches Circuit @ Vulcan

How much burpee could a wood chuck burpee if a wood chuck could chuck burpee?

37 PAX including 3 FNGs (Welcome Belding, Lost & Weagle) posted for a strangely warm and somewhat soggy December morning.  Solid crowd for this time of year! Similar to The Spartan workout last week (repping on 26 counts for the number of points Auburn scored in the Iron Bowl), we repped on 28 counts for … Continue reading How much burpee could a wood chuck burpee if a wood chuck could chuck burpee?

The Vulcan-November 16, 2017 for Dispatch

PAX: Wildfire, Crab Legs, Bluegrass, Walk-on, Slumlord, Sparrow, Breach, Skeletor, Guv, Cocky, Hugh, Pothole. Wrigley, Gump, Dynamite, Shunnarah, Zacchaeus, Pilgrim, Soccer Mom, Gomer, Drought, U-Turn, Bam Bam, Snowman, Matlock, Dispatch Warm-up Ray Lewis - 30 Willie Mays - 30 Mosey around walking path to amphitheater in two groups Group 1 - Bear crawl amphitheater Group 2 … Continue reading The Vulcan-November 16, 2017 for Dispatch