VQ, Pain! Cocky steps up!

YHC gave my VQ to a group of 24 PAX and 2 FNG's yesterday AM. Welcome to Misdemeanor and Formica! The PAX circled up in beautiful Homewood park as usual, and after the regular introductions we got to work. Warmup 1. side straddle hop – IC (4count-40) 2. Willie Mays (feet shoulder width, move side … Continue reading VQ, Pain! Cocky steps up!


The Prayer Labyrinth

The Thang: Warmup: SSH x 30, Willie Mays x 10 count, Imperial Squat Walker x 10, 1 legged Burpees x 5 each leg Indian Run to corner of Manhattan and Seminole Indian Duck Walk from Seminole to Clairmont Quadraphilia up the Trinity Valet Hill (4 minutes of Bernie Sanders up, mosey down) Joe Hendricks x … Continue reading The Prayer Labyrinth

Boot Camp in lieu of Braveheart Race

45 degrees and raining - fun stuff!  Welcome F3 New Orleans Tripleshift! Warmup: Mosey to Trinity parking lot Side Straddle Hops (x30) Imperial Walkers (x30) Mountain Climbers (x30) Mosey to Homewood Middle School football Field The Thang: Bear Crawl Dora - Partner up and one partner bear crawls 15 yards then turns around and bear crawls … Continue reading Boot Camp in lieu of Braveheart Race