2-10-2018 Sparrow’s Insecticide

What doesn’t kill you can kill your friends. Welcome Dilbert. Disclaimer: don’t hurt yourself. Warmup 20 reps of each of these: The first exercise is: Side Straddle Hop. Starting Position. Move. In Cadence. The next exercise is, Prisoner squats Starting Position. Move. In cadence, down up on my command The next exercise is, Ray Lewis … Continue reading 2-10-2018 Sparrow’s Insecticide


2018-01-30 Peaches Circuit @ Vulcan

35 PAX including 1 FNG (AWOL) Warm-up: Side Strattle Hop x25 Willie Mays x25 Frankensteins x25 Bum Kicks x25 Ray Lewis x25 Cross Toe Touch x25 LBCs x25 0.5 mile Circuit Station Tour 3 Groups start at 3 seperate stations approximately 0.25 miles apart from each other: Prisoner Squats x25 -> Alternating Lunges x25 each … Continue reading 2018-01-30 Peaches Circuit @ Vulcan

Backblast: Sparrow’s VQ

  Welcome FNG’s  Disclaimer: don’t hurt yourself.   Count loud during the workout, because if you don’t the workout won’t end. Welcome FNGs: Soccer Mom, Carpetbagger, Shunnarah Warmup 20 reps of each of these: The first exercise is:    Side Straddle Hop.  Starting Position. Move. In Cadence. The Next exercise is,   Ray Lewise Starting Position. Move. … Continue reading Backblast: Sparrow’s VQ

July 6th Church Street Shakedown

28 PAX showed up in THE GLOOM at THE VULCAN (AO) for YHC's VQ, including five (5) FNGs.  Those answering the call included Turnbuckle, Shank, Scam, Choo-Choo, Cinco, DuBose, Schilling, Gomer, Rabbit, Romeo, Sparrow, Pickle, The Donald, Commy, Rebar, Wildfire, Gold Bond, Quickrete, Pew, Saluki, Tommy Lee, and Cocky.  FNGs (Doogie, Cowbell, Wilson, Wiregrass, & … Continue reading July 6th Church Street Shakedown