The Pentagon 10/3/18

You want to get better?  Then show up and do the hard thing.  12 PAX and one FNG (Southern Spice) took advantage of the warm temperature and thick dew to complete the Pentagon challenge.  The goal was to make sure folks kept moving with limited down time.  Who wants to stand around when there is … Continue reading The Pentagon 10/3/18


9/11 Merkin Waterfall Tribute

If you are reading this, I am impressed and will keep this brief but with editorial comments to help the future of F3 Disclaimer Warmups - SSH x25, squat Jacks x 10, Willie Mays x 10 count, Mountain Climbers x 20, Plank Jacks x 20, 1/2 burpees x 20 Indian Run to Overton Park in … Continue reading 9/11 Merkin Waterfall Tribute