9.19.17 – Schilling on Q – Vulcan

BB for The Vulcan, Tuesday, September 19, 2017 32 PAX ventured out with the promise of ‘something different.’ I borrowed and outline of The Spartan and made it our own. Overall the Thang took 20+ minutes and provided a real beat down while giving everyone a say in how the workout played out. Those who chose … Continue reading 9.19.17 – Schilling on Q – Vulcan


8.17.17 – VULCAN

38 PAX - on a SCAM-less morning, men stepped up to motivate and encourage. 6 FNG's - Amazon, Digiorno, Dufresne, NOVA, WNBA, Yella WARM UP --- SSH x30 Merkin x20 Squats x25 Sit ups x15 Run 1 lap PARTNER UP --- Burpee "mile" - Partners perform 100 yards worth of burpees.  Partner A would perform … Continue reading 8.17.17 – VULCAN

17 Men Brave Birmingham’s 1st Weekday Morning

Economists call strong consumer enthusiasm after a recession or depression: pent up demand. Alabama lands F3 after NC, SC, GA, FL, LA, TX, TN, MS…and several other states. There were 20 PAX at the launch on Saturday and only three days later at 0530 an inspiring showing of 17 men posting – 5 FNGs. Impressive. … Continue reading 17 Men Brave Birmingham’s 1st Weekday Morning