Whistlestop Hexagon (Cocky VQ)

  22 PAX showed up on this glorious morning in Alabama to get better.  The sun beaming quick as heart rates began to rise. We started off with a familiar sequence escalating into a geomatrist's dream.   WARM UP 33 Side Straddle Hop 33 prisoner squats 33 LYBs 33 Flutter Kicks Indian run around track … Continue reading Whistlestop Hexagon (Cocky VQ)


BHam PAX Visit the Surface of the Sun

7/22/17 The difference in summertime temperature between 0530 and 0630 is much discussed. I don't know what the exact temp was on this sunny Saturday morning at The Vulcan, but afternoon's heat indices are expected to reach 105 to 107. With an official heat advisory in effect, it was a HOT HOUR at The Vulcan. … Continue reading BHam PAX Visit the Surface of the Sun