Intro to the pace clock Another great turnout at The Vulcan on a cool morning (for mid-August in Alabama). We introduced a new toy for the workout inspired by my former swimming career – a pace clock.  I purposefully kept the PAX off the ground until the end so that the sweat from the hard … Continue reading Tick….Tock…..


8.17.17 – VULCAN

38 PAX - on a SCAM-less morning, men stepped up to motivate and encourage. 6 FNG's - Amazon, Digiorno, Dufresne, NOVA, WNBA, Yella WARM UP --- SSH x30 Merkin x20 Squats x25 Sit ups x15 Run 1 lap PARTNER UP --- Burpee "mile" - Partners perform 100 yards worth of burpees.  Partner A would perform … Continue reading 8.17.17 – VULCAN